Race cancelled

DoppiaW always put in first place athletes and volunteers.
There isn’t the possibility to organize our race, to have the necessary permits and to ensure security for all participants. We want to respect all volunteers, doctors, nurses, Italian Red Cross and Civil Protection staff.
They are the backbone of our event but they are doing an huge work in this medical emergency. We couldn’t ask them an additional effort taking part at our event. We want to thank who gave us trust for this edition, sponsors, institutions, municipalities and all competitors registered to the various races and all we can do is to say goodbye and give you appointment for next year.
As the Organizing Company we want to do an additional, huge, effort and we strive to guarantee the possibility to shift the registrations to next year edition or giving a refund.
In the next days all members will receive an e-mail from ENDU with all the info and the modalities.
Hearthfelt thanks to you from DoppiaW Team.